Korey Ferguson

Experience Designer, driven team lead, and hiking enthusiast.

Facilitating a co-design session - 2019

Facilitating a co-design session - 2019



Raised in the Midwest, I graduated from Columbus College of Art and Design with BFA in Advertising and Graphic Design. I sharpened my design skills building brand and strategy approaches for companies across the country which fueled my passion for solving complex problems.

Today as an Experience Designer, I lead cross-functional teams with a strong focus on human-centered design. Everyday I collaborate with cross-functional teams to solve large scale problems for clients while striving to find that perfect balance between business needs and user empathy.

Currently based in Columbus, Ohio, I have had the opportunity to work with clients coast-to-coast — Dallas, Washington DC, Cleveland, Buffalo, and Santa Clara.

I balance my work life with trips to National Parks, riding my bike, making pasta with friends, and an intense focus on discovering the best meals in every city I visit.